Jean Michel Casséus

Delegate & Cultural Affairs

Jean-Michel attended the Salesians community in 1982 as a Boy Scout and also as a member of the World youth Association. He has dedicated his life to help the youth. He reports that he is a proud member of the association and that his soul is Salesian.

After his high school graduation, Jean-Michel followed his dream and completed an associate degree in Accounting and Financial studies at IGC University of Port-au-Prince in Haiti. He later worked at a hardware and construction enterprise (ERF). While realizing the need for help in the health community, he joined the HIV prevention project with the young Haitian women at MARCH as a project coordinator and a Behavioral Change communication advisor. When Jean-Michel moved to United States, he continued his helping endeavor and went to work at Moss Rehab in occupational therapy taking care of patients recovering from strokes.


When Jean-Michel was invited to be a member of ACODOSAH, he accepted with good grace knowing that he shares the same passion, the same goal, and the same love of the members of the association. As Jean-Michel said “he wants to make a real IMPACT by giving even more that he have received”.