About Us

Past Pupils of Don Bosco, our Motto.

"Good Christians and Honest Citizens"

Salesian Family is a wide movement of people inspired by Don Bosco. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed. Everyone has a responsibility to act. We all do better when we work together.


Any individual who has received an education based on the principles of Don Bosco’s Preventive System in a Salesian Oratory School.
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
To facilitate the access to education to the underserved youths of Haiti to make an IMPACT where students can attend school at prorated costs as we people break the dire chains of poverty so the youths can become self-sufficient, “be Good Christian and Honest Citizens” and contributing members of society. The Integral development of the poorer and the marginalized younger generation, through education.
To be recognized as innovative involved leaders that contribute to the access of adequate education to the youth of Haiti. We commit ourselves to the integral development of young especially the poor and the marginalized, through Education.
The Past Pupils Movement is built upon the common values:
  • Life
  • Freedom
  • Truth
  • Solidarity
  • Communion
Our values guide our actions in our daily lives. These values put together allow for a cohesive group of involved Volunteers who work together to make a valuable and sustainable IMPACT in the lives of the youths of Haiti.


ACODOSAH is member of:
Don Bosco Green Alliance
Representing Executive of DiBOSCo Coffee for USA, Canada,  and Haiti
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